Global Textile Supply Chain

Our integrated footprints spread to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Central America, etc. with overseas offices and production bases worldwide.


In2021, we set up SINGTEX PTE. LTD as Business and Financial Operation Center.


In2006, PM&J (USA) Co., Ltd. was founded to focus on overseas marketing,connecting with customers seamlessly, and its sales tentacles are close to theinternational frontier. In 2016, JP Fulfillment Logistics (Filling &Distribution Center) was established in Dallas, and New York office focusing ondesign was established in 2017.


In 2017, the company established Sourcing Design Direct Co., Ltd. in Leicester,UK, to accelerate the development of European market, mainly engaged incustomer service communication, technical exchange, product design, sales,market development and, more closely connected with the international market,further improved the global supply chain, and better formed a long-term andstable strategic cooperation with customers.

Southeast Asia

In 2001, we took the lead in "going out" to develop Cambodia, Vietnam,Bangladesh, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, established overseasproduction bases, realized overseas manufacturing and shipment, and enhancingour market competitiveness. 


In 2016, JP Textile Ethiopia PLC. (“JPTE”) was set up in Hawassa Industrial Park,Hawassa, SNNP, Ethiopia. In 2019, JP Garment Ethiopia PLC (“JPGE”) was set upin the same park as JPTE, achieving vertical production and shipment fromfabric to finished garments.

Central America

In 2020, the Central America Office was established in Guatemala. In 2023, plan toinvest in Guatemala to set up a knit fabric mill and garment factory to furtherimprove our textile supply chain. New production base will be further expandedin Central America through working with different local manufacturers.

Annual sales

$ million

Apparel Annual Capacity

M   units

Fabric Annual Capacity

M   yards

Pet & Hardlines Annual Capacity

M   units

Main business

Fornearly 30 years, we have devoted ourselves to textile industry. Adhering to thecraftsmanship spirit of intensive cultivation and steady development, we havebecome one of the biggest sleepwear/loungewear, pet bed suppliers, as well as amajor shirting fabric supplier for US & UK markets.

Sustainable development

We will comprehensively strengthen social responsibility and environmental management for sustainable development, and achieve zero emissions and zero pollution

Building A Better Future

Commitment to ESG and DE&I initiatives to support our communities and global workforce, achieve sustainability & diversity of human resources


Employ disabled people  and assign them to important positions to help them regain confidence and realize their sense of self-value.


Management communicate friendly with deaf and dumb employees through images and words and arrange them in technical positions to help improve their professional skills.


Providing free fabrics to University of Minnesota for students to design clothing, and all the clothes designed and made will be donated to local children's welfare homes and orphanages.


Clothes designed and made by students from University of Minnesota donated to Blue House Children's Welfare Home.


Providing training programs to improve women's family, social status and professional ability for Ethiopian female employees.


Trainings Specialized for Female Employees.


In 2018, as recommended by Target, Wuxi Jinmao set up a children's home in Jinmao Industrial Park and hired full-time teachers to help take care of the leftbehind children of workers.

Brand Management

Stable customer base based on years of experience in the textile industry.

Adhering to the concept of green development, all products have passed Oeko Tex standard certification.

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