In 2021,we set up SINGTEX PTE. LTD. in 2021 as Business Center .


In 2006, pmj (USA) Co., Ltd. was founded to do a good job in overseas marketing, connect with customers seamlessly, and its sales tentacles are close to the international frontier. In 2016, jpfl filling logistics company was established in Dallas, USA, and New York office NYO was established in 2017.


In 2017, the company established SDD Co., Ltd. in Leicester, UK, to accelerate the development of European market, mainly engaged in customer service communication, technical exchange, product design, product sales, market development and marketing, more closely connected with the international market, further improved the global supply chain, and better formed a long-term and stable strategic cooperation with customers.

Southeast Asia

In 2001, we took the lead in "going out" to develop Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, established overseas production and processing bases, realized overseas processing and overseas shipment, and enhanced market competitiveness.


In 2016, one belt, one road, was called for by JP, a textile and Ethiopia limited company (JPTE) in Ethiopia, Awasa. In 2019, the JP garment Ethiopia Limited (JPGE) was established and the global supply chain was continuously extended.

Central America

In 2020, the Central America Office was established in Guatemala. In 2023, plan toinvest in Guatemala to set up a knit fabric mill and garment factory to furtherimprove our textile supply chain. New production base will be further expandedin Central America through working with different local manufacturers.


In 2022, we start exploring the possibility of producing pet bed  in India.