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Singtex, starting with fabric export business, gradually grows into aninternational green textile manufacturing enterprise with an integration of R&D,Design, Production and Marketing for fabrics, apparel, pet products, home andhardlines.

It has been devoted into the textile industry for several years with“Team, Technology, Quality and Innovation” as the core value, “EstablishingGlobal Excellent Textile Supply Chain” as goal, and “Technology, Fashion andGreen” as operation philosophy. Adhering to the craftsman spirit ofdetail-oriented, dedicated, steadfast and pragmatic, Singtex is playing animportant role in the global professional production areas like loungewear, petsupplies, fabric, etc.

Singtex is actively building its global textile supply chain,diversifying its Country of Production strategy by setting up offices andproduction bases in different regions like Asia (Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia,Bangladesh, India, China), Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt), North America (US,Mexico), Europe (UK), Central America (Guatemala) through the past years.

Adhering to “Customer First and Reputation First” as the aim and“Professional, Unique and Superior” advantages, Singtex is always activelyplaying in the fierce international market competition, to grow larger, betterand stronger. Its products are spreading all over the world, and its marketcovers many countries and regions. It’s the strategic business partner ofmultiple international retailers and brands like Gap, Target. The total annualimport and export volume is far more than US$400 million.

Singtex has Dedicated teams deliver specific category needs for ourcustomers – custom design, fit, packaging, trend and market insights. Leadingin our investment of 3D Design, fabric digitalization, visual presentation, weimproved development efficiency, increased speed to market, reduced samplingand alleviated the team workload of our customers.

Supported and enhanced by global remote quality system in 9 languages,quality management achieves real-time, unified and systematic control. Adhereto Responsible Sourcing in raw materials like cotton, supported by full-processdocument tracking system and Oritain cotton origin test.


Development History
  • 1993 - 2000
  • 2001 - 2015
  • 2016 - 2022
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